Common days ~普通の暮らし 


Every Sunday, he makes the shop closed.

And he changes clothes when the sun is shining bright

Merry driving, approaching Ballpark

And his van is parked by the bank is banned area

Swing at Swing at, Sweet ball

Beat off Beat off, Please show

Game is over, if he gets the bad

he's often at bar All his face is going red.

Monday morning, he's seldom at home

As soon as back home, beat the son for nothing done.


"Do not ever dream!! You had better please Me!!"


It's on Tuesday. he's not gonna vote

He makes a bet boat race when the dark is coming bed.

Time has gone by, he's brought back a dog

But treats it like dirt. After all has to abandon.

C'mon C'mon cheap doll Round & Round & Sit down


Here comes Thursday

He wrote the rumor spoke ill of roomers

He comes far away

He stole the woman without her opinion


Second, Third times・・・

cannot count for・・・


It's on Friday, his shoes are thrown down

but his action slow down. Always shoots Coca-Cola


"Do not be insane!! Aren't you feeling shame on you?"


Busy Weekend, light and smoke wraps

And showered with claps

Sing out Sing out Sweetheart

Beat it Beat it Peace star


"Do not ever sin!! Here I catch you, thin star!!"



Life is cruel. So sometimes need break.

Sunday just came・・・





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